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Others >> Miranda (Doctor Who Spin off Title.) ( Volume 1)  
by Comeuppance Comics
One of the highlights of Lance Parkin's Eighth Doctor novel FATHER TIME was the character of Miranda, the Doctor's adopted daughter.

Like the Doctor she's not human, and her story continues in this six-part comic series written by Parkin and drawn by Allan Bednar and published by Comeuppance Comics.

Understandably there's no mention of the Doctor, the TARDIS or anything else connected with DOCTOR WHO, so having previously read FATHER TIME isn't a requirement.

Abducted by a UFO ("it was a busy day"), Miranda has no idea that's she's really the daughter and sole heir of the late Emperor of the Universe. As far as she's concerned, she's just a girl who's committed crimes against fashion, has no GCSEs and lost her virginity to a guy who's name she doesn't know. As she says, it was a busy day...

Having a lead character who has no idea what's going on allows Parkin to explain things to both Miranda and the reader. This works well, and never feels like the info-dumping that it could have been in lesser hands.

Miranda herself continues to be a great character. Abducted from her bed before she's had a chance to ask the guy's name, she soon leaves her "underdressed" state behind, but her 1980s fashion disasters mean that her old school uniform is the only thing she's even prepared to consider wearing as she adapts to her new environment and position.

The bulk of 01 is devoted to setting things up, so we and Miranda learn about the universe she's to rule over. Into this we get plenty of clues that all isn't well - an assassination attempt and a hint that the commander of Miranda's armies might not have her best interests at heart.

Alan Bednar's artwork is also great. The flashback sequences look subtly different from the rest of the book, the panel layout seems just right, and some scenes really stand out - Miranda adopting her school uniform, the colour centrefold (apart from the cover, the artwork is in black and white, but that's not a problem), the spaceship approaching the Needle and the introduction of the Skywardens ("they're brilliant").

On first glance the comic seemed a little thin, but unlike, say, the BUFFY comics, there's no ads, so it's content all the way. And with the writer and artist both delivering the goods, the MIRANDA series gets off to a cracking start.

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