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Manga >> Ben 10 Digest Graphic Novels ( Volume 1)  
by Del Rey Publishing
Benjamin Tennyson was a really normal kid; he went to school (didn't like it), played video games (Sumo Slammers is his favorite) and got bullied. When summer vacation started Ben with on a road trip with his Grandfather Max Tennyson and his cousin Gwendolyn Tennyson. Meanwhile a ship being piloted by an alien named Xylene was being attacked by an evil war crazy being named Vilgax. Xylene was caring an alien device called the Omnitrix. Although we do not learn of Xylene's involvement with the Omnitrix until season 2. The Omnitrix has the power to turn any being into any other type life form who's DNA is stored inside it. Xylene was forced to send the Omnitrix and herself down to Earth in an escape pod. She sent the Omnitrix to Earth but she was attacked getting into her own pond and wound up going to the arctic where she went into hibernation. Ben found the pod, once he did the Omnitrix latched onto his wrist and he couldn't get it off. While trying to take it off he accidentally transformed into a fire powered alien he would name Heatblast. After starting a fire by accident he told Max and Gwen what happen and Max (suspiciously) said he was an alien. While Ben was wondering how to turn back into a human the Omnitrix began to flash red and beep. He was soon turned back into his human form. Meanwhile Vilgax was badly wounded after the battle with Xylene and is in a regeneration tank. He has his minions send probes down to Earth in search of the Omnitrix. Back on Earth Ben was playing with the Omnitrix and had become a giant dog like creature. This form had no eyes but could see using echolocation and was agile and strong. Ben was soon attacked by the probes and he destroyed some but was about to be killed after he turned back human if not for Gwen beating it with a stick. Vilgax then sent a giant robot drone after Ben and it began attacking a trailer park. Ben then became a crystal like humanoid that was invulnerable and can turn its body it crystal like weapons.

Ben 10 Alien Force Doom Dimension Graphic Novel 1
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