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>> Kangazang! Star Stuff Hardcover By Terry Cooper ( Volume 1)  
by Candy Jar Books
Jeff Spooner and Ray Scump, (the Man From Kangazang) are chilling out on the beaches of the luxurious alien world after saving the Universe. But they can't relax for long as they both have to go on a quest to find their loved ones who have disappeared without warning! Ray's dad has gone mad and Jeff's robot girlfriend has left him, heartbroken. Add to that, their mortal enemies have joined forces to destroy them once and for all, using a spaceship and the doomed city of Swansea! Confused? You will be!

The long-awaited sequel to the hilariously surreal KANGAZANG! Novel by Terry Cooper will be launched at the Cardiff International Comics & Animation Expo - Pre-orders for this signed hardback edition now being taken!

“People of Kangazang! You are now prisoners of the armed forces of Macadamia! Your land and riches are now our property, and any resistance will be crushed. So says our Great Prophecy!”

Ray was far from intimidated. After all he’d been through, a giant talking nut shell wasn’t going to frighten him easily. He grinned a confident grin.

"Oh, I don’t think so. How ‘bout we show these nutjobs who’s boss around here, eh Jeff?”


Ray turned his head to see Jeff running away across the beach as fast as possible, with Tailback following after him. Ray sighed.

“Wait for me!” he yelled. He tried his best to run away from the obvious threat of molecular disintegration, but his flip-flop sandals couldn’t get any purchase in the millions of chrome balls that made up the beach. He fell over, rolled and found himself sitting on the rattling bearings as the giant nut-shell split open, revealing a squad of dreaded Macadamian warriors. The squat humanoids, encased in beige walnut-style armour, marched down a ramp into the thick yellow sea, and kept on marching.

Ray could only sit and stare in fear at the soldiers. Actually that’s not true; He did that, but he also thought up a number of insulting names for Jeff and Tailback, who had deserted him and were nowhere to be seen.

The soldiers waded out of the gooey slop and formed a semi-circle around the trembling barber.

One barked an order.“Take me to your leader!”Ray looked dumbfounded.

“Eh? Wasn’t I supposed to say that?”The Macadamian leader removed his wooden headgear, revealing a smooth and shiny head with minimal features.

“No! YOU will take ME to your leader, and we shall discuss the surrender of Kangazang! We are here to take over and rule this world, in the name of the Macadamian Empire.”

Ray had to think fast. Unfortunately, he could only think incredibly slowly...

Special preview version. Scheduled release is 2013.

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