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DC >> Batgirl ( Volume 1)  
by DC
Flashback to years ago. Cassandra is a little girl and her father david cain sets up a camera to tape her performance. A bunch of full grown men are standing on sheets of plastic and offered a knife. All they have to do to get paid is to take the knife and kill the little girl. One of them disproves but before he can leave Cassandra knocks the teeth from his mouth and his blood pools on the floor. He reaches for the knife but cassandra beats him to it, she breaks his arm. The men scream.

Back in the present Cassandra and oracle are doing escrima stick katas with each other. surprisingly Oracle wins, Cassandra wants to go again but Oracle has business to attend to. Oracle renames her old batgirl file and contemplates Cassandras unknown origins.

Another flashback. The man who cassanrda had beat up as a child attacks a man in an alley, he now has an x shaped scar on his cheek. He steals the man's drink and steps on his face. A wandering cassandra come upon him and once he recognizes her he break the bottle and warns her not to come any closer. Cassandra watches the fear on the victimized man and then the fear on the mugger with the scar. She runs off and the Mugger falls to his knees and cries.

In Gotham, batman and batgirl are on patrol, Cassie breaks up a would be raping. Batman beats up the rapist and cassandra watches the fear on his victims face as she runs off.

Next day she sits alone in her hotel room tossing rose petals when oracle invites her out. While out she tries to have cassie tell her what she is feeling but instead she flees.

Than night oracle and batman have a talk about how similar cassie is to bruce. He then spars with cassie and tells her she has no need to hold back. They go all out and she draws blood from bruce while she is exhausted but unbloodied.

They go out on patrol and break up a robbery, the criminal turns out to be the x shaped scar man from her youth, he recognizes her immediately as she beats him up after realizing that fear in gotham is tied to the bat symbol itself.

Batman tells her she should stay away from the costumed criminals but everything else is hers, she immediately springs into action.

Far away David Cain watches the footage of his daughter defeating those men so many years ago as he drinks

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