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DC >> Wonder Woman ( Volume 2)  
by DC
After 30 centuries, Hippolyta wishes to have a child and the gods order her to make a baby out of clay. With the final soul, they imbue the clay baby with it, and with it, the child has great abilities. She is named Diana and she is deemed one of the greatest warriors. The gods cry out that Ares has gone made and is planning to take over and that someone must face him alone. Diana wishes to take part, but her mother does not allow her too. Come to the tournament in which a winner will be chosen to face Ares, they were to wear masks to bring their full potential out, in case their were any close friends competing. Diana competes and wins and is awarded these silver bracelets. Diana explains that Athena asked her to do this, and Menalippe tells Hippolyta that the gods had her to do this, and that she shouldn't question it, as it was for the greater good. Diana needs to pass one last test however. In the temple of Hades, Philippus aims a gun at her and fires three times, but Diana blocks the bullets with her revolver. She asks her mother where such bracelets came from, but her mother would rather not answer, as now was not the best time. She is also fitted with a new costume, after Diana Trevor, who she was named after.
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