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Archaia Studios Press

Jim Henson Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance3£2.99


Angel (Buffy Boom)7£2.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Boom)10£2.99
Folklords by Matt Kindt1 3rd Printing£2.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom Studios)45£2.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom Studios)45 Foil Montez Variant£4.50

Candy Jar Books

A Dish Best Served Cold? Paperback Novel by Chris Kinsey1£8.99
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries Christmas Crackers YA Paperback Anthology Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£7.99

Dark Horse

Fight Club 311£2.99
Umbrella Academy DallasUmbrella Academy Dallas Library Edition Hardcover£37.99
Umbrella Academy JournalUmbrella Academy Composition Notebook£10.99
Usagi Yojimbo7£2.99


Action Comics1017 Cardstock Variant£4.50
Basketful Of Heads by Joe Hill2£2.99
Batgirl41 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Batman84 Cardstock Cover£4.50
BatmanBatman Creature Of The Night 4£5.99
Batman Beyond37 2nd Printing£2.99
Batman Beyond38£2.99
Batman Universe6£4.50
Batwoman Supergirl Worlds Finest Giant1£4.50
Birds Of PreyDollar Comics Birds Of Prey 1£1.00
Books Of Magic14£2.99
Crisis On Infinite Earth's8 Facsimile Edition£2.99
Detective Comics1016 Card Stock Variant£4.50
Harley Quinn68£2.99
Infected Deathbringer1£2.99
Inferior Five4£2.99
Infinite CrisisDollar Comics Infinite Crisis 1£1.00
John Constantine Hellblazer1£2.99
John Constantine Hellblazer1 Blank Variant£9.99
John Constantine Hellblazer1 Variant£19.99
Justice League37£2.99
Justice League Dark17 Acetate Cover£2.99
Lois Lane6£2.99
Martian Manhunter10£2.99
Red Hood And The Outlaws40£2.99
SupergirlSupergirl Annual (2019)£4.50
Superman Up In The Sky6£4.50
The Dreaming16£2.99
The Flash83£2.99
The Jetsons1£2.99
The Jetsons3£2.99
The Jetsons4£2.99
The Jetsons5£2.99
Wonder Woman Come Back To Me6£4.50
Young Justice11£2.99

Dynamite Entertainment

Bettie PageBettie Page Unbound 5£2.99
Bettie PageBettie Page Unbound 1£2.99
Bettie PageBettie Page Unbound 2£2.99
Bettie PageBettie Page Unbound 4£2.99
Bettie PageBettie Page Unbound 6£2.99
Elvira Mistress Of The DarkElvira Shape Of Elvira 4£2.99
James Bond1£2.99
Red Sonja11£2.99
Vengeance Of Vampirella3£2.99

Eaglemoss Publications

Star Trek Discovery Starship Figure Magazine13 Worker Bee£44.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection165 DS9 Starship Down£14.99

Gomer Press

The Comet And The Thief by Ruth Morgan Paperback Novel1£8.99

IDW Publishing

Crow CurareCrow Hark The Herald 1 One Shot£4.50
My Little Pony Friendship Is MagicMy Little Pony Holiday Special£4.50
Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1 Blank Variant£9.99
Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1£4.50
Ragnarok by Walt SimonsonRagnarok Breaking Of Helheim 3£4.50
Sonic The Hedgehog23£2.99
Star Trek Year Five7£2.99
Star Trek Year Five8£2.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing99£2.99


20XX by Luna Brother1£2.99
Death Or Glory7£2.99
East Of West44£2.99
Kick Ass18£2.99
Lazarus Risen3£7.99
Sunstone by Stjepan SejicVolume 1£14.99
Sunstone by Stjepan SejicVolume 4£14.99
Sunstone by Stjepan SejicSunstone Hardcover Volume 1£44.99
Sunstone by Stjepan SejicVolume 6£14.99


FangoriaVolume 2 Issue 5£18.99


Amazing Spiderman35 2099£2.99
Amazing Spiderman35 Johnson 2020 Variant£9.99
Annihilation Scourge Fantastic Four1£4.50
Annihilation Scourge Nova1£4.50
Black Cat7£2.99
Black Panther18£2.99
Captain Marvel11 2nd printing£2.99
Conan 20991£4.50
Conan Serpent War1£4.50
Doctor Doom3£2.99
Excalibur3 Pham Venom Island Variant Dawn Of X£2.99
Fantastic FourFantastic Four Grand Design 2£4.99
Fantastic FourFantastic Four Negative Zone 1£4.50
Ghost Rider 20991£4.50
Ghost Rider 20991 Ron Lim Variant£9.99
Infinity Wars Fallen Guardian1£4.50
Infinity Wars Ghost Panther2£4.50
Invisible Woman5£2.99
Magnificent Ms Marvel10£2.99
New Mutants2 Dawn Of X£2.99
Old Man Quill12£2.99
Punisher 20991£4.50
Savage Avengers8£2.99
Spiderman And Venom Double Trouble2£2.99
Star WarsStar Wars 1 Facsimile Edition£2.99
Star WarsTrue Believers Star Wars According To Droids 1£1.00
Star WarsTrue Believers Star Wars Death Probe 1£1.00
Star WarsTrue Believers Star Wars Hutt Run 1£1.00
Star Wars Jed Fallen Order Dark Temple5£2.99
Sword Master6£2.99
Thor Worthy1£4.50
Thor Worthy1 Simonson Variant£14.50
Uncanny X MenFacsimile Edition of 236 X Men£2.99
Valkyrie Jane Foster5£2.99
Web Of Black Widow4£2.99
X Men3£2.99

Oni Press

Rick And MortyRick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons 4£4.50
Rick And Morty50£5.99
Rick And Morty50 Cover C Horak Morty Connecting Cover Variant£14.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Presents Mr Meeseeks Look At Me 1£4.50
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Flesh Curtains Variant£9.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Flesh Curtains One Shot£4.50
Rick And MortyRick And Morty VS Dungeons And Dragons II Painscape 1 Cover B Zub£4.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty VS Dungeons And Dragons II Painscape 2 Cover C Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty51 Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty55£2.99
Rick And Morty56 Variant£9.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty VS Dungeons And Dragons II Painscape 3 Cover C Variant£9.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty VS Dungeons And Dragons II Painscape 3 Cover B£2.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Unity 1£4.50
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Unity 1 Variant£9.99



Sundry Items and Figures

Kingdom Hearts 3 Bring Arts Kairi AF1£149.99
Kingdom Hearts 3 Bring Arts Sora Pirate Version AF1£149.99


Rivers Of London Fey And The Furious1 Cover A£2.99
Rivers Of London Fey And The Furious1 Cover B£2.99

Two Morrows Publishing

Back Issue117£9.99


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