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Afterlife With Archie1 2nd Printing£2.60
ArchieArchie Comics Super Special 5£7.99
Life With Archie Magazine34£2.99

Aspen Publishing

Lola Xoxo1£2.60

Avatar Press

Caliban1 Wrap Cover£2.60
Crossed Badlands51 Wrap Cover£2.60
God Is Dead10 End Of Days£2.60
UberFCBD 2014 Uber The First Cycle£.60

Berserker Comics

Glenn Fabry Sketchbook2£9.99

Big Dog Ink

Penny For Your Soul Death6£2.60
The Legend Of Oz The Wicked West Ongoing17£2.60

Big Finish

Blakes 7 Drama CDs3 Drones CD£12.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's2 Phantasmagoria CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's3 Whispers Of Terror CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's6 The Marian Conspiracy CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's11 The Apocalypse Elements CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's14 The Holy Terror CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's15 The Mutant Phase CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's17 The Sword Of Orion CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's18 The Stones Of Venice CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's20 Loups-Garoux CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's22 Bloodtide CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's24 Eye Of The Scorpion CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's25 Colditz CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's26 Primeval CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's27 The One Doctor CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's28 Invaders From Mars CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's29 The Chimes Of Midnight CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's30 Seasons Of Fear CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's31 Embrace The Darkness CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's33 Neverland CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's36 The Rapture CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's37 The Sandman CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's38 The Church And The Crown CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's39 Bang-Bang-A-Boom CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's40 Jubilee CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's44 Creatures Of Beauty CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's45 Project: Lazarus CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's47 Omega CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's48 Davros CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's49 Master CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's3.3 Crooked Man CD£11.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's184 Scavenger CD£14.99

Bluw Limited

Doctor Who Die Cast Dalek Keyring1£8.99


Adventure Time Flip Side4£2.60
Adventure Time Flip Side4 15 Copy Incentive£19.99
Clive Barkers Next Testament with Mark Millar and Haemi Jang8£2.60
FCBD 2013FCBD 2014 Epic 0£.60
FCBD 2013FCBD 2014 Hello Kitty Surprise£.60
Sons Of Anarchy8£2.60
Suicide Risk12£2.60
The Returning2£2.60

Dark Horse

Angel And Faith Season 101 Samnee Variant£2.60
Angel And Faith Season 101£2.60
Angel And Faith Season 101 Whedon Split Cover B Ultra Variant£19.99
Beasts Of Burden3£2.85
Dark Horse PresentsDark Horse FCBD Project Black Sky£.50
Edgar Allan Poes The Premature Burial1£2.60
Lobster Johnson Get Lobster3£2.60
Star Wars16£3.00
Terminator Salvation The Final Battle5£2.60


Action Comics30£2.60
Aquaman And The Others1£2.00
Astro City11£2.60
Astro CityAstro City Through Open Doors Hardcover£18.99
Batman 663£2.85
Batman Eternal1£2.00
Batman The Dark Knight15£2.20
Batman Unseen3£2.20
Batman Unseen4£2.20
Coffin Hill7£2.00
Constantine (Hellblazer)13£2.00
Detective Comics15£5.00
Detective Comics30£2.60
Earth 222£2.00
Fairest (Fables Mini Series)25£2.00
Green Arrow30£2.00
Green Lantern30£2.00
Green Lantern Corps30£2.00
Jeff Lemires Trillium8£2.00
Justice League 30005£2.00
Sidekick by J M Straczynski and Tom Mandrake6£2.00
Superman Red SonSuperman Red Son tpb New Edition£11.99
Superman Wonder Woman7£2.60
Superman Wonder Woman7 Variant£19.99
Swamp Thing30£2.00
The Movement11£2.00
The Phantom Stranger Trinity Of Sin18£2.00
The Royals Masters Of War3£2.00
Vampire Diaries4£2.60
Worlds Finest22£2.00

Devils Due Publishing

G.I.Joe Special Missions13£2.60

Dynamite Entertainment

Ash And The Army Of Darkness5£2.60
Flash Gordon1£2.60
GrimmGrimm Playing Cards£5.99
Kings Watch (Defenders Of The Earth)5£2.60
Kings Watch (Defenders Of The Earth)5 Subscription Cover£2.60
Magnus Robot Fighter2£2.60
Mark Waids Green Hornet11£2.60
Red Sonja8£2.60
Red SonjaRed Sonja And Cub One Shot£4.50
Shadow Year One8£2.60
Shadow Year One8 Blank Authentix Variant£9.99
The Lone Ranger23£2.60
Turok Dinosaur Hunter (Dynamite)3£2.60
Twilight Zone4£2.60

Eaglemoss Publications

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection29 Rogue£19.99
Dc Batman Automobilia33£9.99
DC Figurine Chess Collection57 Atrocitus£7.99
DC Figurine Chess Collection58 Cyborg£7.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection17 USS Dauntless£9.99

Fantagraphics Books



Pop Alien Vinyl Figurine1£19.99

Gentle Giant

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Llimited Edition Mini Bust1£89.99


My Little Pony Rainbow Power FiguresRarity£5.99
My Little Pony Rainbow Power FiguresPinkie Pie£5.99
My Little Pony Rainbow Power FiguresRainbow Dash£5.99

Hermes Press

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century by Howard ChaykinFCBD 2014 Buck Rogers£.60

IDW Publishing

Judge Dredd (IDW)18£2.60
Judge Dredd (IDW)18 Subscription Variant£2.60
Judge Dredd Mega City Two3£2.60
Judge Dredd Mega City Two3 Subscription Variant£2.60
Magic The Gathering Theros5 Variant£24.99
Monster and Madman2£2.60
My Little Pony Friends Forever4£2.60
My Little Pony Friends Forever4 Retailer Incentive£19.99
Rocky And Bullwinkle2£2.60
Rogue Trooper (IDW)2£2.60
Rogue Trooper (IDW)2 Subscription Cover£2.60
Sinister Dexter (IDW)5£2.60
The Maxx Maxximized5£2.60
The Maxx Maxximized6£2.60
The Veil1£2.85


68 Rule Of War1£2.60
Apocalypse Al by J M Scraczynski3 Cover A£2.00
Apocalypse Al by J M Scraczynski3 Cover B£2.00
Black Science5£2.60
Deadworld Ressurection5£2.60
East Of West11£2.60
FCBD Rise Of The Magi0£.50
InvincibleInvincible Universe 12£2.60
Peter Panzerfaust18£2.60
Shotgun Wedding1£2.60
Shotgun Wedding2£2.60
Starlight by Mark Millar2 Cover A£2.00
Starlight by Mark Millar2 Cover B£2.00
The Field1£2.60
Walking Dead125£2.00
Walking DeadWalking Dead Novel Hardcover Volume 4 Fall Of The Governor Part Two£19.50


From HellNew Print Tpb£24.99




All New Doop1£2.60
All New Ghost Rider2£2.60
All New Ultimates1£2.60
All New X Factor6£2.60
All New X Men25£4.50
All New X Men25 Grampa Variant£29.99
Amazing Spiderman Family Business Original Graphic Novel Hardcover1£18.99
Annihilators1 Mignola Variant£9.99
Avengers A I11£2.00
Avengers And The Infinity Gauntlet3£2.20
Avengers Assemble2 With DIG Code£5.00
Avengers Classic5£2.65
Avengers Classic6£2.65
Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes1£2.85
Avengers Invaders By Alex Ross2£2.00
Avengers Invaders By Alex Ross10£2.20
Avengers Prime5£2.85
Avengers Solo4£2.85
Avengers Spotlight1£2.85
Avengers The InitiativeAnnual 1£2.65
Avengers The Initiative13£2.00
Avengers The Initiative14 Secret Invasion£2.00
Avengers The Initiative15 Secret Invasion£2.00
Avengers The Initiative16 Secret Invasion£5.00
Avengers The InitiativeAvengers The Initiative Featuring Reptil£2.85
Avengers The Initiative29 Dark Reign£2.20
Avengers The Initiative35 Siege£2.85
Avengers Undercover2£2.00
Avengers Versus Agents Of Atlas3£2.85
Avengers VS X Men6£10.00
Avenging Spiderman9£2.85
Avenging Spiderman11£2.85
Bar Maid4£2.60
Black Widow5£2.60
Captain America19£2.60
Captain AmericaCaptain America Winter Soldier 1 Directors Cut£4.50
Captain Marvel2£2.60
Daredevil1.50 Martin A Variant£9.99
Daredevil1.50 Martin B Variant£9.99
Daredevil1.50 Martin C Variant£9.99
Daredevil1.50 Martin D Variant£9.99
Daredevil1.50 Martin E Variant£9.99
Daredevil1.50 Samnee Variant£9.99
Deadpool27 Art Adams Anniversary Cover£29.99
Deadpool27 Brooks Variant Cover£29.99
Deadpool Versus Carnage1£2.60
Deadpool Versus Carnage1 Yu Variant£19.99
Dream TeamBattlezones£7.50
Guardians Of The GalaxyFCBD All Rocket Raccoon£0.50
Guardians Of The GalaxyGuardians Of The Galaxy Prelude 1£2.00
Infinity (Thanos)Infinity Companion Hardcover£75.00
Inhuman1 Blank Variant£9.99
Inhuman1 Madureira Design Variant£9.99
InhumanInhuman 1 Lithograph£4.99
InhumanInhuman 2 Lithograph£4.99
Iron Fist The Living Weapon1£2.60
Iron Fist The Living Weapon1 Blank Variant£9.99
Iron Fist The Living Weapon1 Delmundo Animal Variant£12.99
Iron Fist The Living Weapon1 Young Variant£12.99
Iron Man24£2.60
Iron Man24 Captain America Team Up Variant£19.99
Kick Ass 3 by Mark Millar7£2.60
Loki Agent Of Asgard3£2.00
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble7£2.60
Mighty Avengers9£2.60
Moon Knight2£2.60
New Warriors3£2.60
Nightcrawler1 Animal Variant£12.99
Revolutionary War (Marvel UKs Pantheon Relaunched! Yay!!)6 Motormouth One Shot£2.85
Revolutionary War (Marvel UKs Pantheon Relaunched! Yay!!)7 Warheads One Shot£2.60
Revolutionary War (Marvel UKs Pantheon Relaunched! Yay!!)6 Motormouth One Shot Shalvey Variant£24.99
Revolutionary War (Marvel UKs Pantheon Relaunched! Yay!!)7 Warheads One Shot Erskine Variant£24.99
Secret Avengers2£2.60
She Hulk3£2.00
Starlord Worlds On BrinkStarlord Tears From Heaven Tp£5.99
Superior Foes Of Spiderman11 Marvel Now£2.60
Superior SpidermanSuperior Spiderman Hardcover Volume Two£25.99
Ultimate Comics Spiderman200 Bagley£4.50
Ultimate Comics Spiderman200 Bagley Maquis£24.99
What If?What If? Age Of Ultron 1£2.60
What If?What If? Age Of Ultron 1 Variant£14.99
What If?What If? Age Of Ultron 2 Variant£14.99
What If?What If? Age Of Ultron 2£2.60

Nostalgia Ventures

The Shadow Double NovelsVolume 83£10.99

Oni Press

Courtney CrumrinFCBD Courtney Crumrin 1014£.50

Orion Books


Panini Comics

Doctor Who Magazine472£4.99



Red Five Comics

Atomic RoboFCBD Atomic Robo And Friends 2014£.60

Storm King Comics

John Carpenters Asylum5£2.60

Sundry Items

Assassins Creed Ezio Plush Keyring1£9.99
Dragonball Z Capsule Corp Keyring1£9.99
Minecraft Creeper Necklace1£19.99

Third World Publishing

Finding GossamyrFCBD Finding Gossamyr 2014 Way Of The Bladesinger£.60


Jim Henson's Return To The Labyrinth Graphic NovelsJim Hensons Labyrinth Hardcover Novel£14.99

United Plankton Pictures

Spongebob Comics31£2.00


Archer And Armstrong16£2.85
Archer And Armstrong19£2.60
Quantum And Woody9£2.60


Blue Exorcist Manga Graphic NovelVolume Eleven£6.99
DragonballDragonball Full Colour Volume One Saiyan Arc£12.99
Dragonball3 in 1 Edition Volume 4£9.99
Full Metal AlchemistVolume 7 3 In 1 Edition£9.99
One Piece3 in 1 Volume Eight£9.99
Pokemon Adventures Manga Graphic NovelsPokemon Black And White Volume Three£6.99
Pokemon Adventures Manga Graphic NovelsPokemon Black And White Volume Fifteen£3.99
Studio Ghibli Library The Art Of Howls Moving Castle Oversized Softcover1£25.00
Studio Ghibli Library The Art Of Kikis Delivery Service Oversized Softcover1£25.00
Studio Ghibli Library The Art Of My Neighbour Totoro Oversized Softcover1£25.00
Studio Ghibli Library The Art Of Nausicaa Valley Of The Wind Oversized Softcover1£25.00
Studio Ghibli Library The Art Of Porco Rosso Oversized Softcover1£25.00
Studio Ghibli Library The Art Of Spirited Away Oversized Softcover1£25.00
Studio Ghibli Library The Art Of The Secret World Of Arrietty Oversized Softcover1£25.00


Grimm Fairy Tales96£2.00
Grimm Fairy TalesFCBD 2014 Grimm Fairy Tales 0£.60
Grimm Fairy Tales Ascension3£2.60
Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood Legend2£2.00


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