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BBC Books

Doctor Who Dalek Astounding Untold History1£35.00

Big Finish

Bernice Summerfield Adorable Illusion Hardcover by Gary Russell1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield And The Doomsday Manuscript Paperback by Justin Richards1£6.99
Bernice Summerfield And The Gods Of The Underworld Paperback by Stephen Cole1£6.99
Bernice Summerfield Collected Works Hardcover Edited by Nick Wallace1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield Filthy Lucre Hardcover by James Parsons and Andrew Stirling Brown1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield Missing Adventures Hardcover Collection Edited by Rebecca Levene1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield Old Friends Hardcover by Jonathan Clements Marc Platt and Pete Kempshall1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield Parallel Lives Hardcover by Rebecca Levene Stewart Sheargold and Dave Stone1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield Present Danger Hardcover Edited by Eddie Robson1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield Secret Histories Hardcover Edited by Mark Clapham1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield The Inside Story Hardcover by Simon Guerrier with Foreward by Paul Cornell and Afterword by Lisa Bowerman1£29.99
Bernice Summerfield The Slender-Fingered Cats Of Bubastis Hardcover by Xanna Eve Chown1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield The Two Jasons Hardcover by Dave Stone1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield The Vampire Curse Hardcover by Mags L Halliday Kelly Hale and Philip Purse-Hallard1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield The Weather On Versimmon Hardcover by Matthew Griffiths1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield Tree Of Life Hardcover by Mark Michalowski1£14.99
Bernice Summerfield: Life During Wartime H/C1£14.99
Erimem The Coming Of The Queen Hardcover by Iaian Mclaughlin and Claire Bartlett1£14.99
Star Quest H/C by Terrance Dicks1£14.99
The Forge Project Valhalla Hardcover by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright1£14.99

Dark Horse

Angel Season 1111£2.99
Harrow County27£2.99
Neil Gaimans American Gods9£2.99
Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legions Of Evil2£2.99
The Realm2 2nd Printing£2.99
The Tale Of Genji by Yoshitaka Amano Hard Cover Illustrated Novel1£22.99
Usagi Yojimbo163£2.99
Vampire Hunter D Novel26£10.99


Action Comics991 Lenticular Edition£9.99
Action Comics992£2.30
Astro City49£2.99
Bane Conquest (Batman)7£2.99
Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey16£2.99
Batman34 Variant£9.99
BatmanBatman The Devastator (Metal)£2.99
Batman Beyond14£2.99
Batwoman9 Variant£9.99
Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands1 Variant£9.99
Blue Beetle15£2.99
Bug The Adventures Of Forager5£2.99
DC Bombshells United5£2.99
DC Bombshells United6£2.99
Deadman1 Glow In The Dark Edition£4.50
Detective Comics968£2.30
Detective Comics969£2.30
Doom Patrol (Young Animal Imprint)9£2.99
Doomsday Clock1 Lenticular Variant Cover£9.99
Green Arrow34£2.30
Green Lanterns34£2.30
Green Lanterns35£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp32 Variant£2.30
Harley Quinn31£2.30
Harley Quinn32£2.30
Harley Quinn32 Variant£9.99
Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Meet Betty And Veronica2£2.99
Injustice 213£2.99
Justice League32£2.30
Justice LeagueJustice League 1 Special Edition£1.00
Justice League33£2.30
Justice League Of America18£2.30
Kamandi Challenge11£2.99
Mister Miracle4£2.99
New Superman17£2.99
NightwingNightwing The New World Order 4£2.99
Rag Man2£2.30
Red Hood And The Outlaws16£2.99
Ruff And Reddy Show1£2.99
Scooby Apocalypse19£2.99
Suicide Squad29£2.30
Suicide Squad30£2.30
Super Sons10£2.99
Superman35 Variant£9.99
Teen Titans14£2.99
The Flash34 Variant£9.99
The Flash34£2.30
The Flash35£2.30
The Flash35 Variant£9.99
The Jetsons1£2.99
WildstormWildstorm Michael Cray 2£2.99
Wildstorm9 Hitch Variant£9.99
Wildstorm9 Lee Variant£9.99
Wonder Woman34£2.30
Wonder Woman35£2.30
Wonder Woman35 Variant£9.99
Wonder Woman Conan3£2.99

Digital Manga Publishing

Only the Ring Finger Knows Yaoi Paperback Novel5£9.99

Dynamite Entertainment

Sheena Queen Of The Jungle0£1.00
Sheena Queen Of The Jungle1£2.99

Eaglemoss Publications

Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection110 Cybus Cyberman£8.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection111 Clockwork Man£8.99
Marvel Fact FilesSpecial 30 Heroes For Hire Box Set contains Iron Fist and Luke Cage£39.99

El Capitan Books

Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses29£2.99


Pocket POP Game Of Thrones Drogon Vinyl Figure Keychain1£9.99
Pocket Pop Kingdom Hearts Donald Duck Vinyl Figure Keychain1£9.99
Pocket Pop Kingdom Hearts Goofy Vinyl Figure Keychain1£9.99
Pocket Pop Kingdom Hearts Mickey Vinyl Figure Keychain1£9.99
Pocket Pop NBX Sally Vinyl Figure Keychain1 Sally Seated£9.99

IDW Publishing

IDW Little Book Of Knowledge Heavy Metal Hardcover1£13.99
Judge Blessed Earth7£2.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic60£2.99
My Little Pony Legends Of Magic8£2.99
Optimus Prime12£2.99
Optimus Prime13£2.99
Rick And Morty31£2.99
Saucer State5£2.99
Transformers First Strike1 Cover A£2.99
Transformers First Strike1 Cover B£2.99
Wormwood Gentlemans Corpse Mr Wormwood Goes To Washington2£2.99
Wormwood Gentlemans Corpse Mr Wormwood Goes To Washington3£2.99


Black Science33£2.99
Dark Fang1£2.99
East Of West35£2.99
Gravediggers Union1£2.99
Injection15 Cover A£2.99
Injection15 Cover B£2.99
Lazarus X +664£2.99
Mage The Hero Denied4£2.99
No 1 With A Bullet1£2.99
Paper Girls17£2.30
Rat Queens6£2.99
Scales And Scoundrels3£2.99
Slots1 2nd Printing£2.99
The Wicked And The Divine33£2.99
Underwinter Field Of Feathers2£2.99
Walking Dead173£2.30


All New Guardians of the Galaxy146 Legacy (12)£2.99
All New Guardians of the Galaxy147 Legacy (13)£2.99
All New Wolverine27 Legacy£2.99
Amazing Spiderman791 or 35 Legacy£2.99
Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows13£2.99
Astonishing X Men5£2.99
Avengers (Now)673 Legacy£2.99
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider8£2.99
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider10£2.99
Black Bolt7£2.99
Black PantherMarvels Black Panther Prelude 2£2.99
Black Panther167 Legacy£2.99
Cable151 Legacy£2.99
Captain America Sam Wilson695 Legacy£2.99
Daredevil595 Legacy£2.99
DeadpoolDespicable Deadpool 289 Legacy£2.99
Deadpool Versus Old Man Logan2£2.99
Defenders7 Legacy£2.99
Falcon2 Legacy£2.99
Generation X9£2.99
Giant Size Hulk2008£2.99
Gwenpool22 Legacy£2.99
HulkHulk Raging Thunder£2.99
HulkHulk Winter Guard One Shot£2.99
HulkHulk Let Battle Begin 1£2.99
Hulk Vs Hercules When Titans Collide1£2.99
Incredible Hulk710 Legacy£2.99
Inhumans Once Future Kings4£2.99
Iron Fist74 Legacy£2.99
Jessica Jones14 Legacy£2.99
Kingsman Red Diamond3£2.99
Luke Cage167 Legacy£2.99
Marvels Thor Ragnarok Art Of Movie Oversized Slipcase Hardcover1£44.99
Master Of Kung Fu126 Legacy£2.99
Master Of Kung Fu126 Legacy Christopher Trading Card Variant£2.99
Mighty Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel 126 Legacy£2.99
Mighty Thor701 Legacy£2.99
Monsters Unleashed7£4.50
Monsters Unleashed8£4.50
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur25£2.99
Moon Knight188 Legacy£2.99
Ms Marvel24£2.99
Not Brand Echh14 Legacy£2.30
Old Man Logan30£2.99
Peter Parker Spectacular Spiderman6£2.99
Peter Parker Spectacular Spiderman297 Legacy£2.99
Power Pack63 Legacy£2.99
Punisher218 Legacy£2.99
Punisher Platoon3£2.99
Royals (Inhumans)10 Legacy£2.99
Royals (Inhumans)11 Legacy£2.99
Secret Warriors8 Legacy£2.99
She Hulk159 Legacy£2.99
Silver Sable and the Wildpack36 Legacy£2.99
Silver Surfer14£2.99
Spider Gwen24 2nd Printing£2.99
Spiderman234 Legacy£2.99
Spiderman And Deadpool23 Legacy£2.99
Spiderman And Deadpool24 Legacy£2.99
Spidermen II4£2.99
Spidermen II4 Saiz Connecting Variant£9.99
Star Wars38£2.99
Star Wars39£2.99
Star Wars Darth Vader7£2.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra14£2.99
Thor And The Warriors Four (Power Pack)2£2.20
Thor And The Warriors Four (Power Pack)3£2.20
Thor And The Warriors Four (Power Pack)4£2.20
Thor Mighty AvengerThor And The Mighty Avengers One Shot£6.99
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl26£2.99
Uncanny Avengers29 Legacy£2.99
Uncanny Avengers28 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Venom157 Legacy£2.99
Vision6 Directors Cut£5.99
Vote Loki2£2.60
Weapon X11£2.99
X Men Blue15 Legacy£2.996
X Men Gold15 Legacy£2.99
X Men Gold16 Legacy£2.99
Zombies Assemble 24£4.50

McFarlane's Toys

Jim Hensons Labyrinth Jareth (David Bowie) Ballroom Outfit Action Figure1£24.99

Panini Comics

Doctor Who Magazine SpecialsDoctor Who Bookazine The Essential Guide 12£9.99



Red Five Comics

Atomic Robo Spectre Of Tomorrow1£2.99

T Shirts And Apparrel

MMA Style Punisher Training Shirt1£19.99


Doctor Who 10th Doctor Year Three10£2.99
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Three11£2.99
Doctor Who 12th Doctor Ongoing Series Year Three9£2.99
Doctor Who Lost Dimension AlphaLost Dimension Omega 1£2.99
Doctor Who Lost Dimension AlphaLost Dimension Special 2£2.99

Yen Press

A Certain Magical Index Manga Graphic NovelVolume 12 Light Novel£10.99
Accel World Light Novel SeriesVolume 7£9.99
Accel World Light Novel SeriesVolume 11£10.99
Accel World Light Novel SeriesVolume 8£9.99
Accel World Light Novel SeriesVolume 9£9.99
Accel World Light Novel SeriesVolume 10£9.99
Asterisk War Light Novel SeriesVolume 4£10.99
Baccano! The Rolling Bootlegs Light Novel HardcoversVolume 2 Hardcover£16.99
Baccano! The Rolling Bootlegs Light Novel HardcoversVolume 5 Hardcover£16.99
Black Bullet Those Who Would Be Gods Light Novel Series5£11.99
Durarara!! Drrr!! Light Novel SeriesVolume 8£10.99
Goblin Slayer Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
Goblin Slayer Light Novel SeriesVolume 3£10.99
Irregular Magician High School Light Novel3£10.99
Irregular Magician High School Light Novel5£10.99
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Sword Oratoria Light Novel2£10.99
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Sword Oratoria Light Novel3£10.99
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Sword Oratoria Light Novel4£10.99
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Light Novel2£10.99
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Light Novel6£10.99
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Light Novel7£10.99
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Light Novel8£10.99
Konosuba Light Novel SeriesVolume 3£10.99
LOG Horizon The Knights Of Camelot Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
Magical Girl Raising Project Light NovelVolume 2£10.99
Overlord Light Novel Hardcover4£14.99
Sword Art Online Manga Graphic NovelsSword Art Online Mothers Rosary Novel Volume 9£10.99
Sword Art Online Manga Graphic NovelsSword Art Online Mothers Rosary Novel Volume 10£10.99
Sword Art Online Manga Graphic NovelsSword Art Online Mothers Rosary Novel Volume 11£10.99
The Boy And The Beast Light Novel Series By Mamoru HosodaVolume 1£14.99
The Devil Is A Part Timer! Light Novel SeriesVolume 8£10.99
The Isolator Light Novel HardcoverVolume 2£14.99
The Isolator Light Novel HardcoverVolume 3£14.99


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