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Archaia Studios Press

Jim Hensons Dark Crystal HardcoversVolume Three Creation Myths£18.99
Toil And Trouble2£2.60

Beelejuice Comics

Tim Yates Anne Bonnie6£2.60


Rowans Ruin1£2.60

Cosmic Times

Deep Space Tragedy1£2.60

Dark Horse

Angel And Faith Season 1019 Main Cover£2.60
Barb Wire4£2.60
Eerie Archives HardcoverVolume Twenty Hardcover£37.99
Goon Once Upon A Hard Time4£2.60
Scott Kolins Adam.3 S.E.E.D.S.3£2.60
Sherlock Holmes And The NecronomiconVolume 1 Hardcover£13.99
This Damned Band3£2.60


Action Comics45£2.60
Action Comics45 Monsters Variant£9.99
Batman And Robin Eternal1£2.60
Batman And Robin Eternal1 Blank Variant£9.99
Batman Arkham Knight9£2.60
Batman Beyond5£2.00
Batman Beyond5 Monsters Variant£9.99
Crisis On Infinite Earth'sCrisis On Infinite Earths Deluxe Edition Hardcover£49.99
Cyborg3 Green Lantern Variant£9.99
Detective Comics45£2.60
Detective Comics45 Monsters Variant£9.99
Green Arrow45£2.00
Green Arrow45 Monster Variant£9.99
Green ArrowGreen Arrow Annual 1£4.50
Green Lantern45£2.60
Green Lantern45 Monsters Variant£9.99
Injustice Year 411£2.00
Mortal Kombat X11£2.60
Omega Men5£2.00
Survivors Club1£2.60

Dynamite Entertainment

A Train Called Love by Garth Ennis1£2.60
Aliens Vampirella2£2.60
Aliens Vampirella2 Cover B£2.60
Bobs Burgers Ongoing4 Cover A£2.60
Grumpy Cat (And Pokey)1 Cover A Uy£2.60
Grumpy Cat (And Pokey)1 Cover B Haeser£2.60
Grumpy Cat (And Pokey)1 Cover C Maiden£2.60
Grumpy Cat (And Pokey)1 Cover D Garbowska£2.60
Grumpy Cat (And Pokey)1 Cover E Uri Art And Photo£2.60
Grumpy Cat (And Pokey)1 Cover F Create Your Own Meme£2.60
Grumpy Cat (And Pokey)1 Cover G Blank Authentix Variant£9.99
Justice Inc The Avengers5£2.60
Masks 27£2.60
The Devilers7£2.00

Eaglemoss Publications

Dc Batman Automobilia72 Worlds Finest 77£10.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection55 Supreme Dalek£8.99
Marvel Chess Figurine Collection47 Emma Frost£8.99


POP Family Guy Ray Gun Stewie Vinyl Figure1£19.99
POP Harry Potter Snape Vinyl Figure1£19.99
POP Harry Potter Voldemort Vinyl Figure1£19.99
POP Star Ward Darth Vader Vinyl Figure1£19.99
POP Star Wars Luke Pilot Vinyl Figure1£19.99

Graphic India

Grant Morrisons 18 Days4 Cover B£2.00

IDW Publishing

Boy 13£2.60
D4ve 22£2.60
Drive2 Subscription£2.60
Haunted Horror19£2.60
My Little Pony Friends Forever21£2.60
My Little Pony Friends Forever21 Subscription Variant£2.60
My Little Pony Friendship Is MagicMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Volume 8 TPB£14.99
Nicholas Meyers The Seven Percent Solution Sherlock Holmes Meets Sigmund Freud3£2.60
October Faction9£2.60
String Divers3£2.60
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Colour Classic Series 310£2.60
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing50£5.99
Transformers Robots In Disguise Animated3£2.60
Transformers Robots In Disguise Animated3 Subscription Variant£2.60
Transformers Versus G I Joe9£2.60
Transformers Versus G I Joe9 Subscription Variant£2.60
Transformers Versus G I Joe9 Incentive Variant£15.00
X Files Season 113£2.60
X Files Season 113 Blank Variant£9.99
X Files Season 113 Subscription£2.60


8House: Arclight4£2.00
Dark Corridor3£2.60
Minimum Wage So Many Bad Decisions6£2.60
OutcastOutcast Volume 2 Tpb£10.99
Southern Bastard11£2.60
We Stand On Guard1£2.00
We Stand On Guard2£2.00
We Stand On Guard4£2.00

Kenzer and Company

Knights Of The Dinner Table224£4.99


Rue Morgue160£8.99


All New All Different Point One1£5.99
All New All Different Point One1 Marquez A Variant£9.99
All New All Different Point One1 Marquez B Variant£9.99
Amazing Spiderman1£6.99
Colour Your Own Avengers Age Of Ultron Colouring Book Oversized Softcover1£8.99
Contest Of Champions 20151£4.50
Darth Vader10£2.60
DeadpoolDeadpool by Posehn Hardcover Volume 3£25.99
Doctor Strange1£4.50
George Romeros Empire Of The Dead Act Three5£2.60
Invincible Iron Man1£2.60
Invincible Iron Man1 Action Figure Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Aspare Young Guns Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Blank Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Bradshaw Young Guns Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Cosplay Variant£14.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Granov Variant£24.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Hip Hop Variant£14.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Marquez Design Variant£24.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Marquez Young Guns Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Pichelli Young Guns Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Schiti Young Guns Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Stegman Young Guns Variant£9.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Timm Classic Variant£24.99
Invincible Iron Man1 Young Variant£14.99
Marvel Super Hero Spectacular1£2.60
Marvel Superheroes Contest of ChampionsMarvel Superheroes Contest Of Champions Tpb£6.99
Miracleman By Neil Gaiman And Mark Buckingham3£4.50
Secret Wars 1602 Witch Hunter Angela4£2.60
Secret Wars 20156£2.60
Secret Wars 20156 Bianchi Variant£24.99
Secret Wars 20156 Action Figure Variant£9.99
Secret Wars 20156 Classic Variant£14.99
Secret Wars 20156 Del Otto Variant£14.99
Secret Wars 20156 Tarr Variant£9.99
Secret Wars Groot5£2.60
Secret Wars Old Man Logan5£2.60
Secret Wars Siege4£2.60
Secret Wars Spider Island5£2.60
Star Wars10£2.60
Star Wars10 Action Figure Variant£14.99
Star Wars Journey To Force Awakens2£2.60
Star Wars Lando5£2.60
What If? Infinity Inhumans1£2.60

Moonstone Publishing.

Zombies Vs CheerleadersZombies Vs Cheerleaders Halloween Special 2015£2.60

Nostalgia Ventures

The Shadow Double NovelsVolume 100£11.99

Pak Man Productions

Code Monkey Saves The World Graphic Novel by Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton1 Special Edition Signed By Greg Pak And Jonathan Coulton£24.99


Doctor Who Time Lord Fairy Tales Hardcover1£12.99


Ro-Busters The Complete Nuts And Bolts Volume One Hardcover1£25.00

Red Five Comics

Atomic Robo And The Ring Of Fire2£2.60
Atomic Robo And The Ring Of Fire2 Artists Edition£2.60

Sundry Items

Star Wars Lightsabers Heat Change Mug1£9.99
Stuart Minions Mug1£24.99


Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Two1£2.60
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Two1 Subscription Cover£2.60
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Two1 Jake Variant£14.99
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Two1 Blank Variant£9.99
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Two1 Incentive Cover£14.99
Heroes Vengeance1 Cover A£2.60
Heroes Vengeance1 Cover B£2.60
Rivers Of London3£2.60
Surface Tension5£2.60
The Autobiography Of James T Kirk Hardcover1£17.99

Top Shelf

The Story Of My Tits by Jennifer Haydn Graphic Novel on surviving Breast Cancer1£22.99


Dragonball3 in 1 Edition Volume 10£9.99
NarutoVolume Twelve 3 In 1 Edition£9.99
One Piece3 in 1 Volume Thirteen£9.99
Pokemon Adventures Black And White Full Size Manga Graphic NovelsPokemon Black And White Pocket Comics Graphic Novel Volume 1£6.99

Yen Press

Final Fantasy Type - 0 Side Story Manga Graphic Novel SeriesType 0£9.99
Kagerou Daze A Headphone Actor Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
Pandora Hearts Caucus Race Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
Puella Magi Suzune Magica Manga Graphic NovelVolume 1£9.99
Strike The Blood The Right Arm Of The Saint Light NovelVolume 1£10.99
Sword Art Online Manga Graphic NovelsSword Art Online Progressive Graphic Novel 3£9.99


Charmed Season 1012£2.60
Grimm Fairy TalesGrimm Fairy Tales Cinderella 10th Anniversary Special 5£5.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Oz Reign Of The Witch Queen5£2.60


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