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Happy Cardiff Pride! ( 2016-08-13)
For those taking part in Cardiff Pride why not pop by and check out our Class Comics selection of Gay/Bi Erotica comics.

Just check out the Class Comics section of the website for descriptions and covers. Not for under 18s however.
Price Increase Information ( 2016-07-29)
Right now I have our bill from Diamond and having calculated their increase it works out at 15% across the board.

I think however that will mean an immediate rise for $2.99 and $3.99 comics but we at Comic Guru have decided to cap all the other price points at their current values pending any major fluctuations Dollar to Pound. This will mean that the prices will be £2.30 and £2.99 respectively for those comics and all the others will remain as they are. Standing order discounts will still apply across the board and be applied at the checkout for members in the shop as per usual.

We will see how these prices stand and see if we remain profitable enough to leave them at that level. I'll keep you informed if there should be any change one way or another. Obviously if the pound rallies against the dollar and prices drop down at Diamond we will put them back where they belong.

All the best, the Comic Guru Team.
Price Increases ( 2016-07-12)
To everyone who voted to leave the EU this is as a direct result of your stupidity. Well Done.

It seems the recent falls in the value of the pound to the Dollar has forced Diamond UK to increase the price of their comics between 20 and 25%.

I think the situation is still incredibly volatile but cannot afford to absorb the cost of these increases so this will inevitably lead to an increase in comic prices across the board. I don't know when those prices will become the new regime as its based on what our Diamond Billing will be. Once we see the actual prices we are charged combined with any discounts we have achieved we will know how severe the whole situation is.

We will endeavour to offer the best value for our Comics customers worldwide and will announce specifics as and when we have them.

All the best, Kristian Barry
Customer Services Announcement. ( 2016-06-15)
Apologies for the delays in recent websales but I have sprained the neck ligaments and its cut down on the amount of physical work I have been able to do. Although most orders have been posted it means I have not been able and well enough to complete the more complicated orders.

Don't worry though I'm already feeling better and hope to put a lot more of these more difficult to find websales to bed shortly. Any problems then don't hesitate to give me a ring on 02921328434. Remember all our customer services is done on that phone number. We do no Customer Services via Email.

All the best, Kristian Barry
Customer Services Announcement! ( 2016-02-06)
This is just one of those periodic reminders to our customers that we don't do any Customer Services via Email or on any of our Facebook pages etc.

If you need to ask questions or check on the progress of an order then you should ring us on 02921328434 during working hours 10.30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Although we are open on Sunday, Nathan is not qualified to answer any of your actual order queries. He only works one day a week and its a Sunday.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions and to give you updates on any outstanding orders.

All the best, Kristian Barry and the Comic Guru Team.
Merry Christmas From All At Comic Guru! Nadolig Llawen. ( 2015-12-24)
For those not in the know around the world who use our services Nadolig Llawen is the Welsh form of Merry Christmas.

Today is Christmas Eve 24/12/2015.

I am about to take my Annual Leave and barring accidents is the only time off I get per year. I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and loving New Year. Please take the time rest and recouperate if you can and spend time with your family as well. Those who don't seek out the company of friends and remember to have a fun time. Life is way too short to stress about the little things.

In terms of the shop I'd like to assure people we will be opening over the festive period and into New Year. James and a few volunteers will be keeping us open and running while I'm away. Today is our last attempt to find websales until we return around the 27th of December. What I have decided to do this year is to refund everything we can't find and send everything off today so that it clears the decks for the New Year. Apologies for the items we haven't been able to find in the time.

We also have an announcement as well. Because of the ongoing Cardiff Developement the building we now occupy is coming down at some point in the near future. We have found two possible replacements and hopefully we will end up in one or both of them in the coming New Year. Neither is very far away and I will keep everyone apprised when I hear something more concrete.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year Year!
Black Friday kicks off our 50% Sale Off All Variant Comics! ( 2015-11-27)
Starting today all Variant Comics are half price. This sale will be running through until the end of day on December 24th 2015.

The shop is situated on 13 Wood Street, Cardiff. CF10 1ER.
Public Invite For Our Annual Birthday Bash! 14th November 2015. Come along. ( 2015-11-12)
Hello Everyone! :) Good News!

Just a quick message to invite everyone to our rescheduled birthday bash. As a lot of you are aware there were problems at our last Birthday event which lead to its cancellation.
So we are rescheduling it to Saturday 14th of November!

As you are aware we have to move premises. Good news is that we have found two locations. One on Frederick Street and one on St Marys Street. Both have good and bad points but we are attempting to negotiate for both. One is now further along than the other in terms of the negotiations so we are now getting close to moving on to the next phase.
In order to afford the move we need to raise money for the move immediately. To that end we will be creating an open party this time. Not just to members but for any of our fans and supporters. The Party will also be celebrating not just our Birthday but several of our members as well. They will make themselves known on the night.
We will be serving alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to attendees but this time there may not be any food.
Usually we send out written invites to people but this time we do not have the time.
We will be giving a 30% discount to everyone who has an empty folder whether they clear it on the day or before. This will be across the board.
Anyone buying Variant comics will be getting a huge 50% discount on the night. They will also need to have emptied their folder first for this discount to apply.
Anyone spending more than £300 pounds on the night whether they are clearing their folder or not will be able to receive £200 pounds in store credit to be used up by the end of the event. Anyone doing this will be helping us to move and supporting us and it will be much appreciated.
Besides the 1500 to 2500 we need for legal fees we also need to raise funds for a Stair Ramp Lift for the new place so our disabled customers will still be able to visit us. I'm sure that with your help we should be able to get one fitted sooner rather than later.
Comic Guru has been proud of the community that has been created around and within the shop and we fervently hope to expand this when we take possession of our new premises which will make us one of the potentially, largest Comic Shops in Britain. We also aim to create a White Glove Service for users of our website and our Members Services section.
With your help we will.
Please join us either during the day and or the Party from 7.30pm.
All the best, Kristian Barry and all at the Comic Guru Team.
Please Share and invite as many of your friends as may be interested.
Delay on tomorrows delivery. ( 2015-11-03)
Although its showing as arriving tomorrow there has been an unavoidable delay. Apologies.
For Fans Of Doctor Who Robot Dog Companion K9. Bob Baker Signing on the 10th October. ( 2015-10-02)

Good News Everybody!
We Have A Very SPECIAL Guest signing on the 10th Of October!
Doctor Who Royalty.
Bob Baker The Oscar Winning Writer of Wallace And Gromit and Creator of Doctor Who Robot Companion K9 will be here signing copies of his new book The Essential Book Of K9 by Paul Tams (Editor) and Bob Baker (Fiction).
K9 was the brainchild of two prolific TV screenwriters; Bob Baker and Dave Martin.
They had written numerous series for TV and had since the early days of Jon Pertwee’s tenure as ‘The Doctor”, become regular contributors to the BBC TV programme “Doctor Who”.
Bob and Dave had gained quite a reputation for writing epic story lines that the BBC and in particular the show’s producers had battled to cope with getting onto the screen in such a way that would both do justice to the imagination of the writing team and enthral the audience.
Bob Baker with Dave Martin wrote the following Doctor Who Stories.
The Claws of Axos (1971)[1]
The Mutants (1972)[2]
The Three Doctors (1973)[3]
The Sontaran Experiment (1975)[4]
The Hand of Fear (1976)[5]
The Invisible Enemy (1977)[6]
Underworld (1978)
The Armageddon Factor (1979)
Everyone who buys a copy of the Essential Book Of K9 for £15.99 will also be able to get anything else signed absolutely free on the day. We are also offering a sale on All Doctor Who products on the day (excluding the K9 book) with a 10% Discount. Which will be across all products and ranges.
This event is to celebrate our 12th Anniversary. There is also going to be a members only party from 7pm in the evening details of which will be posted elsewhere.
All are welcome and the signing takes place between 12 Noon and 4pm On Saturday 10th of October. So plenty of time to do other things as well. smile emoticon Hopefully we will see you there. Anyone wanting a signed copy for pick up later or even to be posted to them will need to preorder via the shop directly before the event. Ring 02921328434 to book your copy.
We may even be visited by one of K9s official props old and new.
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