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    NEWS         Congratulations Big Finish! (2021-05-21)      Good news we reopened today! (2021-04-12)       (2021-04-08)      More good news. (2021-01-14)      Good News Everybody! (2021-01-14)      
Congratulations Big Finish! ( 2021-05-21)
On the announcement that Big Finish have just been given the Guinness Book Of Records for their Doctor Who Main Range of Audio CDs and on them winning big at the Evening Standard Audi Awards we have restocked much of their main range.

Grab them before they are gone.

If your a Doctor Who Fan or its more Blakes 7, Sapphire And Steel and Tomorrow People to name a few we have it in stock here for you.

Most of them are still at cover price even though they are long out of print.

Good news we reopened today! ( 2021-04-12)
We are back open and will be posting walkarounds on our Facebook page to show off the shop and our new layout.

Opening times are between Noon and 5pm.
( 2021-04-08)

Good News Everybody,

We are in the shop for customer services enquiries on 02921328434 starting at 4pm and ending at 6pm today and tomorrow.

We are doing a fair bit of heavy lifting as well today to get the shop reconfigured ready for our reopening on the 12th April.

Can't wait to see everyone again after so long. Wales has been in total lockdown since December 20th.

We are now normalising our systems and we are also getting on top of our once huge backlog of websales and with any luck will have caught up by the time we open.

Feel free to purchase anything online and we will get it out to you ASAP.

The Comic Guru Team.
More good news. ( 2021-01-14)
We have completed a further 32 sales today. Most of these were long termers and anything we haven't been able to find we have given refunds for. The customer from British Columbia has a very large parcel which is now winging its way to him.

Stay safe and we should be able to come back similar time and day next week.

We do remain open for Websales however they are only processed once or twice a fortnight at this time.

I will keep you informed as and when.

All the best, Comic Guru Team.
Good News Everybody! ( 2021-01-14)
We have gotten permission to come in and process and find websales today. We will probably be here until this evening searching.

Those who want to ring up about orders please do but please understand we can't give an ETA as it depends on when we complete the orders. We have already sent out some and those incomplete orders would have been refunded at the time.

There were one or two that I couldn't refund as the card has gone out of date but anyone who wants to check up on that can ring me on 02921328434 up until 7pm tonight.

Unfortunately due to Coronovirus restrictions access to the arcade is by appointment only however I am hopeful that we can make this a once a week thing rather than a once a fortnight thing as it is now.

We do remain open for Websales however they are only processed once or twice a fortnight as this time.

I will keep you informed as and when.

All the best, Comic Guru Team.
Good News and Bad News. Christmas opening. ( 2020-12-19)
Sadly all non essential businesses have been closed in Wales and the entire country has been placed in lockdown.

Rather than having days to finish the last of our backlog we have been left with only hours.

I have managed to get 90 percent of it done and its being posted just after I finish posting this news. We don't yet know how long lockdown will be for but as and when I am allowed to travel down to Cardiff to enter our premises we will process all the remaining sales and any new ones that occur in the meantime.

I am so very very sorry that I've not been able to complete everything as previously promised. I will do it as soon as I can however.

Please stay safe and have the best Christmas that you possibly can.

All the Christmas love from Kristian and the gang. xxxx

News Update ( 2020-12-10)
Ladies and gentlemen I have some good news.

As you know I have been stricken by a bad case of the Covid delays and we are now making good progress in getting them sorted.

The plan is to get everything out by the 23rd December. What we will do then is process any refunds of those issues we can't find and post out what we have found.

Hopefully that will clear the decks ready for after the Christmas Period. I will be going on my annual leave during Christmas so any orders made between 24th December and 11th of January will be sorted out and completed on my return.

Then hopefully the vaccines will start to be distributed and we can begin to normalise our lives. Please stay safe and remember we only do customer services via our Telephone Line 02921328434 during opening hours which will remain 1pm til 6pm 7 days a week. We do shut at 5pm on a Sunday however I would ask that customer services enquiries should only be attempted Monday through Saturday as I don't work on Sunday.

All the best, Kristian Barry and the Comic Guru Team. Merry Christmas.
Covid Announcement. ( 2020-10-23)
The site will remain active until I return. Its open for websales however they will not be processed until I come back. Apologies to all those who are awaiting their websales. Hopefully a lot of you will be happy over the next few days.

I will endeavour to complete any incomplete sales on my return.

Stay safe and be healthy.

Kristian Barry
Welsh Government Announce Two Week Firebreak Lockdown. ( 2020-10-19)
Hi Everyone,

As you know from my previous post I am still grappling with the previous lockdowns backlog. However Mark Drakeford has announced that he will be putting everyone in Wales into Lockdown starting next Saturday for two weeks.

What I intend to do this week is to try and complete as many existing websales as possible and get them posted on or before Friday. After that then any new websales and existing incomplete sales will have to pause while restrictions are applied.

Cardiff has been in lockdown for the past three or four weeks but the current restrictions go much farther and place us back in total lockdown.

Please stay safe during this difficult and remember.

Comic Guru will keep going as long as you want me too. I know there is fear everywhere at the moment but always remember its out of love that we take these measures. Not just for our protection but for our loved ones and for those we don't even know.

As the Doctor has always said, "Be Kind."
News Flash Regarding Lockdown Backlog... ( 2020-09-09)

Hello Everyone,

This will be a long post so please bear with me.

First off let me just say that I am very grateful for your continued support and custom.

However we are still suffering from Lockdown related backlog of websales that I am attempting to track down at the shop. 26 of them to be precise. Now because of the scale of the problem its also slowing down completion of new orders submitted after we came back from Lockdown.

That and I had a chest infection they thought was Covid meant I had to take a week off as well.

Now the big problem is that my stock has been Sweded. Which I will explain.

A few times a year our shop is attented by Swedish exchange students who do work experience here for up to two months. The latest one, Gustav, was extremely competant so I left him to condense our entire back stock of comics, so we could merge the remaining comics that weren't sorted into alphabetical order, and make the process of tracking down websales far more efficient.

However after creating five long boxes of space which was excellent I then realised that he had not maintained the order while condensing the boxes despite my instructions. So now I have christened the disorder, Sweded, which has a double meaning which is very similar as it happens to what happened.

This has left virtually none of our boxes in actual alphabetical and numerical order. This has left us with a huge mountain to climb as due to the lockdown I am literally running a one man band here. Certain friends who are absolutely brilliant have been donating time to help with the search and if it wasn't for them we would have reached critical overload. However it does mean that there are a few that require fingertip searches in order to track down the final issues or I sometimes give up and try and source them from elsewhere.

Please understand that I am working as fast as I can but I also have to run the shop during opening hours which are now 1pm to 6pm. We were recently dealt a bit of a blow by the arcade which has stopped us working late as they have decided to no longer employ Night Security so our window of opportunity to find these difficult issues is now very low. Sometimes it can take a team of 4 people 5 or 6 hours to track down a single issue so you can imagine how it is now impacted with lockdown affects.

What I am basically saying is that I continue to look for the missing issues and upon either finding them or sourcing them from elsewhere promise to get them out to you. However if I cannot do either of those two things I always refund at the point of having posted them.

Please don't be upset as its no ones fault its just the current road we are all travelling. However if you do want an update please ring me on 02921328434 and we can discuss the progress of your order or confirm that it hasn't been sent our or that its been processed. I would rather have a phone call just in case your websale has been overlooked or heaven forbid lost than not know the issue was there until you get angry. All I ask is your continued patience until then.

Please stay safe, from Kristian Barry and the friends and contributors at Comic Guru.
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