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3 Days Left on our January Sale. 20 percent off all Merchandise In Store. ( 2020-01-29)
Just three more days and our sale is over for another Year.

Here is your chance to get a 350 Thanos Statue for the massively reduced 280 pounds. This offer includes all non comic merchandise instore.

If you fancy that copy of Deadpool or Spiderman And Deadpool or even Justice League variant issue then you can with a massive 50 Percent off.

Come on and come all the bigger statues and pieces are going fast.

Kristian and the Comic Guru Team.
January Sales Begin! ( 2020-01-06)
Hi Fellow Geeks,

Kristian here fresh from my Annual Leave.

Good news we are experimenting this year and due to our new location are trying out a January Sale.

All variant comics will be a massive 50% off until the 31st of January. First Come First Served.

Also we have a selection of Christmas Merchandise including our remaining pop selection with a massive 20% off in order to clear those lines completely.

Once they are gone then they will be gone.

In store only. However our Facebook will have a little video showing you how you can get some of these sale items via the website.

Happy New Year everyone.

Kristian and the Comic Guru Team.

P.S. Anyone wanting to chase up any websales please contact the shop from tomorrow.
Opening And Closing Times For Christmas And New Year! ADDENDUM ( 2019-12-23)
Hello Everyone,

I forgot to mention that we will be opening at 11am until 5.30 PM every day except usual times on Sunday.


Kristian and the Comic Guru Team.
Opening And Closing Times For Christmas And New Year! ( 2019-12-23)
Hello Everyone,

This is just a quick breakdown of our opening times during my annual leave.

We will be closed December the 25th and 26th. We will reopen on the 27th of December through to the 31st December. We are off on the 1st of January and I should be returning from annual leave on Monday 6th of January.

We won't be able to offer updates on outstanding websales until after I return. Apologies for this but Gareth who is taking over from me simply doesn't know how they work.

I will try and get the majority out of the shop on Christmas Eve and they will arrive in due course.

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kristian and the Comic Guru Team.
Good News Everybody!!! Doomsday Clock issue 12 will be with us before Christmas. Yay! ( 2019-12-17)
Yes you read that right.

After almost two and a half years the final part of Doomsday Clock will arrive later this week. Possibly tomorrow or maybe the day after.

DCs magnum opus will finally give us the showdown we have been looking for forever and give us the much promised return of the JSA.
Vote Labour on 12th December For A British Renewal! ( 2019-12-10)
Evening everyone,

Just a quick note. On the 12th of December we go to the polls having seen our entire political structure tearing itself apart over Brexit. A Conservative offer that has decimated our lives and made us all poorer for it.

People are dying on Hospital beds, children suffering from Pneumonia are being stacked on blankets on the floor.

Our public services from region to region have been starved of cash. In some cases Councils have had their budgets from Central Government more than halved in the last nine years.

The Fire Service has been slashed by almost 60% which lead to the deaths at Grenfell Towers amongst many others.

130000 people have been put to death on the Conservative Dogma of Austerity.

The poor have been continually punished for the profligacies of the Banks while telling us it was for our own good.

21000 Police Officers have been cut.

Violent Crime is at record highs because of the way that the Conservatives have run this country into the ground.

More importantly they have raised the National Debt from 880 billion when they came to office (almost all of which was created in order to stop the banks from failing due to the worldwide financial crash) and increased it to 1.8 Trillion Pounds. An absolutely eye watering amount while pretending they are good with the economy.

What have they done with this borrowing? Have they used it to invest in publlic services? No they have been cutting them.

Where has this money gone? Directly into the pockets of the super rich and those who don't pay their fair share in taxes. The very people who fund the Tory Party and through their Newspaper Empires keep them in power.

Reject this. Stand up for what is right. If you aren't doing well then vote in a way that helps you. If you are then vote in a way that helps those less fortunate than you.

Vote Labour on the 12th of December for a truly brilliant Christmas and a return to the very things that make Britain Great. Common Sense and a shared sense of morals.

( 2019-11-19)
Comic Guru Has Its 17th Birthay Party and Sale on November 2nd 2019. ( 2019-10-25)
I would like to cordially invite you to our annual Birthday Bash at our new premises Downstairs in Queens Arcade just off Queen Street.

For some of you who may not have realised we moved from the old premises a year ago and had to wait for a Christmas pop up shop to leave our new premises earlier this year in January.

we are hoping people will pop by and take a look at the new shop and take full advantage of our only Sale each year.

The Party will start at around 5.30pm and will run through officially until 10pm but before that we have a book signing for a brilliant little Graphic Novel called Glorious Wrestling Alliance and we will be joined by Josh Hicks its creator to help Celebrate our 17th Birthday. Our Sale to non members will be 20% off everything in the shop excluding Candy Jar and Glorious Wrestling Alliance.

Those who wish to stay longer will be welcome but we have to treat it as a lock in with everyone having to leave escorted by myself at the end of the night via the roof.

As usual we will be providing food and drink and this year we officially celebrate our 17th Birthday.

As well as celebrating my Birthday and the shops I hope we can raise a glass to celebrate my Dad who passed away recently who met quite a few people at the shop over the years and was always a great fan of you lot.

Without him we would never have opened let alone be still standing here celebrating our 17th Anniversary.

As usual we have a great deal which I will outline now for Members attending the after work party. I will extend the 200 pound voucher offer to attendees during the day for those wanting to take part.

Anyone clearing their folder will get 20% off anything they buy.
If what you are buying after emptying your folder hits 300 quid before discount you will be given a voucher for 200 pounds to spend on the night which will be valid for seven days following the party. This would then represent a 40% discount in total off your order.

We will also be taking a survey for possible ways of changing the nature of our subscription service going forward. I will be discussing the details with you guys and gals at the event as I don't want to change anything without your approval.

Remember to bring family and friends who will also have the offer extended to them. Lets make this a fun celebration of our Hobby.

Happy Times And Places

Kristian Barry and the Comic Guru Team.
Open as usual. ( 2019-10-14)
Hello everyone,

Just a brief note to tell you that I am back in work Today Monday 14/10/2019. I had to take a few days off under Doctors orders.

Websale wise we are working to fill in the gaps of any outstanding orders and have some ready to post out today.

I am also writing out the invites to our Annual Birthday Bash so our members should be receiving those shortly.

Announcements to be made closer to the actual date.

Ciao for now.

Kristian Barry
Closed for the day due to illness. 11/10/2019 ( 2019-10-11)
Dear Customers,

Apologies if you attend the shop today but I have had to take an impromptu visit to A and E. My ongoing health issues involving a Stenosis of my spine have meant that I am unable to work today. I will be open tomorrow as, even if I can't be there, Sunday guy has agreed to cover for me.

Once again I apologise if you cannot reach me.

All the best,Kristian Barry
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